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Talentank joins the IEIT Technology Group

Press Release

July 10, 2018

Talentank has joined IEIT Holdings with the express purpose of providing solutions to two fundamental talent management challenges prevalent in the industry.

There are two main problems within businesses that Talentank aims to solve. Firstly, the challenge of finding the right talent at the right time for now and future needs. Secondly, once you do have a fantastic team, how do you ensure they stay, evolve with your business and not go looking elsewhere?CEO of Talentank, Asmaa’ Sayed

Why businesses need this

The technology space is interesting and dynamic. Its lightning-fast expansion, combined with the challenge of finding the right talent at the right time in a very competitive market, means that businesses are looking for much more than CVs to screen. They are looking for thinking partners; for industry experts who can provide valuable insights that inform talent decision-making; and for agile and efficient talent services that offer fit-for-purpose solutions.

How will Talentank make a difference?

Research firm Gartner says: “To drive both performance and productivity in the digital age, human resources (HR) needs a consumer-centric mindset and approach to employee experience.”

The traditional HR approach to managing talent is not good enough. Given that people are usually a business’s biggest capital investment, HR should contribute to the bottom line by orchestrating people-centric strategies for business success. Talentank’s vision is to disrupt the HR outlook with a fresh perspective by partnering with companies to create an ecosystem in which their people flourish and improve the bottom line.

Technology solutions have made the talent sourcing and talent management industries more robust and efficient. However, technology has not been able to replace the value of relationships.

“Born out of a technology group, Talentank is well primed to understand the unique people challenges businesses operating in this environment experience. We are excited to have a people solution dimension within the group,” says Matthew Mead, group CEO of IEIT Holdings.

With offices in Stellenbosch, Cape Town (CBD) and Gauteng, Talentank is well positioned to add value throughout South Africa.