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Transitioning to a Career in Intelligent Automation

Women in RPA – The Africa Chapter

November 17, 2020

Catherine Jowitt is an RPA Lead with Cogent. As a trail blazer in the field – we just had to chat to her so that we can share her story with you and hope to inspire your next step in a career in RPA.


Tell us about your background in the tech space and how you got into RPA.?

My career has predominantly been in the IT Distribution and Financial Services space. I entered the RPA space when I decided to take the Blue Prism training. With my experience in project management and financial services, RPA spoke to the way my mind functions and resulted in me entering this space on a full time basis.

You are currently based as an RPA Lead in the COE for one of South Africa’s leading and award-winning banks. What does your role entail here?

I manage the delivery of the robotics process automation development team in the automation of new and existing business processes incorporating various technologies. I oversee production support, contribute to the design of technical solutions as well as integrate the robotics process automation development and analyst functions. I conduct resource planning for the team to enable effective technical execution. I am also responsible for identifying and mitigating risks.

What is the greatest value you believe RPA has brought to the world?

In a world that has become so fast paced there is a need to streamline operations and optimise costs. RPA is an enabler of digital transformation and allows greater focus on key areas of business.
“RPA is an incredible opportunity to keep relevant…”

What are some of the misconceptions you have come across that people hold about what RPA is.

RPA will replace the human workforce; all process can be automated with RPA and that RPA is only about reducing costs.

Do you believe there are too few women in the technology careers? If yes, what would you attribute this to?

Yes. RPA is predominantly male dominated, and I believe that diversity drives change, performance and differing sets of skills required for profitability and value creation.
“The mindset that technology is a male dominated space can be particularly challenging for woman…”

Have you experienced any specific challenges being a woman in the technology space?

The mindset that technology is a male dominated space can be particularly challenging for woman in the technology space.

Would you encourage people to get into a career in RPA? If yes, why?

Yes. With the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and digitally transformation, RPA is an incredible opportunity to keep relevant, embrace challenge and be involved in digital transformation.

What skills do you believe are critical in order to pursue a career in RPA?

Good knowledge of basic workflow design and analytical skills are crucial.

What advice would you give women wanting to get into RPA?

Do not allow perceptions and mindsets to limit your ambitions for a career in RPA.